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The passion and enthusiasm Giorgia brings to teaching this class is contagious; her transmission is crystal clear!

Marvelous experiences of deepening as receiver and giver. Great spacious sacred environment. Appreciate the flexibility of sequences, being asked what we wanted, and organic cohesion – very well taught. ~ MR

Every class Giorgia teaches is its own brilliant creation – as much influenced by her vast store of information, knowledge, and wisdom as it is by the energies and questions and cross pollination of the individuals that make up the class body. Each class there are powerful insights, revelations, and it feels like both an unveiling of mysteries and a confirmation of my own inner knowing. She is an invaluable guide, mentor, and teacher. I would take any class offered by her, anywhere. ~ NR

Giorgia’s openness and trust and to all possibilities were limitless and resulted not only in amazing “awakenings” but connection/oneness with essence. A total experience of what is possible when we “show up” and surrender to the STILLNESS. An experience of midline expanding into COSMOS – becoming ONE and dissolving into…… GRATEFUL HEART. ~ Maureen

The exercises and curriculum were fully integrated. ~ participant in Berkeley

On day 2, I came as one person and left as a new uplifted person. The city outside looks different and I’m more at home in myself. ~ participant in Copenhagen


Giorgia creates a space which is full of new knowledge, respect, acceptance, love, sharing, comfort, links, connections, and assertiveness. Every input is made into something positive and inspiring. During these three days I’m gradually becoming the person I would like to be. ~ KG

My soul is fed. ~ JL

This was the perfect regrounding back into the anatomy and the Field. I feel like a lot of information that has been floating around in my head and hands and body came together this weekend, so I can deepen in my work.

~ Robin

Evolution/change comes out of stillness. Bringing stillness and presence into every moment will create the environment for transformation to occur. ~ Andrea

Giorgia has that rare quality of opening to the whole field of teaching and learning, giving and receiving. Instead of breathing, sometimes we are being breathed. Therefore I could absorb simply by breathing. ~ Jan

The hands-on work gave me a body felt sense of the genesis of the life form I was meeting in my bodywork. 

Such a great comment from Giorgia G. Milne during our mentor Skype session last night. Thank you for this simple, profound nugget that has meaning on so many levels - both on the table and in life. I'll be chewing on this for a long while... "The quickest way to 'neutral' is to be with the motion present". ~ JK

I didn’t learn, as much as I ABSORBED. ~ Andrew

Since taking over the helm of the Dynamic Stillness School, Giorgia Milne has single-handedly evolved the transmission of Biodynamic Cranial Touch. She enjoys an overwhelming positive response worldwide due to her spectral talents that include a medical background, years of meditation, movement, and inquiry practice, as well as her vast depth of cranial training and teaching experience. CR


I did this weekend to mainly put myself in a field of Embryology to allow my original potential and potency to come forth to participate in the most exciting planetary transformation of our time. ~ Barbara

I very much appreciated the clarity and humility in which abundant knowledge was offered. ~ HW

What I learned most from? The empty space between the words. The Stillness that creates love! It was such a blessing for me to dive into the depth of my soul. Thank you so much. ~ LDJ

Giorgia is an exceptional instructor, beautifully able to traverse both left and right brain information and content. ~ Kellie

I learned the most from the way theory became alive with practice, feeling, sharing, and being in the group field. Go, and get yourself there (Embryology course), it will change your life, your insight of being you and the life around you/us.  ~ participant in Copenhagen

State-of-the-art materials. Teaching materials supported presentations and vice-versa. Giorgia’s medical, craniosacral, and biodynamic training and practice inform her gentle, organized, and attentive guidance of the first order. ~ William


Giorgia has a distinct ability to present a rich curriculum around the unique beingness of who shows up and have you feeling fully met with the training. ~ AS

It touched the inside of me and opened a new Light in my body. I want to learn more and bring it out to people. 

Giorgia is the teacher I expected her to be – gifted, clear, warm, with much to offer in wisdom and embodied knowledge. I expected to meditate and put our hands on others with Stillness as a guide. This is just what we did. ~ Janet

I learned the most from the meditation on the bones. ~ Aina

As a massage therapist and craniosacral practitioner who has taken other embryology classes, I found the mix of technical powerpoint and experiential table work a profound learning experience. ~ Ella

The way you are teaching is so deeply anchored in Mother Earth & Universe, so it lifts me energetically. I feel myself as a child of the Universe, able to tap into the morphic field where all conscious creation is possible! ~ AS

I am so thankful for this opportunity to learn about everything I have wondered about since childhood! Thank you. I really cannot put into words how much it means to me. ~ Laura

My easy exhausted child within 

is moving with me 


for the possibility to enter 

the enormous universal playground! 

Daily learnings

in riding the tide

following the flow.

~ Anne

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