Giorgia Milne brings a rare quality of presence that is heart felt, spirit filled and deeply intelligent. Her training and experience bridge allopathic and energy medicines and as such provide a rich resource for learning.

Both a practitioner and international instructor of Biodynamic Cranial Touch, she has extensive experience and training in the major modalities of the field.

Her work spans Stanford University certification and clinical practice as a Physician Assistant to all of the principal approaches of Craniosacral work.

Integrating a variety of therapies, meditation and movement practices, Giorgia's call to service continues to evolve her development.

Her openness and heart-centered integrity create an atmosphere of respect, trust and safety in which healing happens.

Click here to listen to Giorgia's December 2017 interview by Ryan Hallford for Craniosacral Podcast-69 ~ "Trusting the Guiding Principle".


Click here to watch a March 2019 interview with Giorgia. This video was taken prior to her speaking and then leading her Fulcrums of Being workshop at the Craniosacral conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

The water-bird wanders here and there leaving no trace, yet her path she never forgets.
– Dogen