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Touch of Presence® Introduction Course

Biodynamic Cranial Approach

Biodynamics in the cranial field originated from the revelatory experiences and deep philosophical insights of the founder of osteopathy, Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, and his student and founder of osteopathy in the cranial field, Dr. William Garner Sutherland. Both emphasized the existence of natural forces that although not easily describable were indeed perceivable and inherently trustworthy. They observed the indwelling wisdom and intelligence of these forces. Sutherland referred to it as the 'the breath of life' and pointed us toward the primary respiration of the craniosacral system. 'Trust the Tide' is one of his famous quotes. He put special emphasis on stillness, entered through the portal of this interface/interchange, and its inherent power to act as a fulcrum for transmutation and healing. Later in this lineage Dr. Rollin Becker and Dr. James Jealous further understood, evolved, and articulated these discoveries.


Touch of Presence® - BCA deals in a special way with the power of presence, stillness, and wholeness as health. This supports the inner development of the practitioner towards a direct contact with the 'breath of life'. This course focusses on developing embodied present-awareness, so that we become receptive to the subtle sensing and guided by the inherent forces. The path leading to this is supported by grounding and centering practices, opening heart-awareness without leaving oneself, and relaxing into the totality of whole-body wide sense perception. This reinforces the disposition of perceiving and accepting all that is as it is while abiding steadily in the presence of potent transformational forces.


In its essence, this work is all in all simple, profound, and based on an innate human capacity: through present touch from an inner space of stillness, the healing power of unconditional love and benevolence is transmitted. This can be useful for many modalities and daily life.


This is an introductory/preparatory course in Touch of Presence® - BCA, which also serves as an orientation, preparation, and prerequisite for the deeper immersion of the Intensive Group course. It additionally provides the fundamental disposition and orientation to all the other courses as well. Previous experience in craniosacral work is not required. We welcome everyone from inspired clients to craniosacral therapists as well as therapists of other somatic or psychotherapeutic approaches, yoga teachers or movement therapists and all people, with or without a therapeutic background, who are interested in personal growth, development of embodied present-awareness with naturally resulting increased perceptual capacity. A special note to those already trained in various forms of craniosacral and biodynamic approaches who are feeling called to something you can’t quite name: Do not underestimate what this course and transmission has to offer. Come with an open mind, receptive heart, and sincerity.

Cost:  $600/3-day; $300 to repeat USD

CE Credits:  24 NCBTMB


Touch of Presence® Intensive Group

Biodynamic Cranial Approach


Open to those having taken an Introduction Course who sense a calling to the paradigm shift this work represents and who feel some uncanny magnetism to be taken further in it. This course will serve anyone who wishes to develop personally or be recognized as offering Touch of Presence® outright or as having integrated this approach as a lived expression. Teacher approval required.


The Intensive Groups develop organically out of a field of interest to immerse oneself in the work, and often as a response to an ineffable “calling”. Dates are scheduled once there’s critical mass of committed participants. It requires an up-front commitment for the entire duration of the course.


Each course provides the opportunity and support to progressively cultivate and maintain a living, intimate, ever deepening, and continuous embodied connection with the Breath of Life. Consciousness and Presence are discovered to be inseparable and that when one has perceptual experience of Wholeness, health or what we call “healing” (on any level) becomes a byproduct of the process.  Biodynamic Cranial Approach Intensives offer a way to practice a non-medical approach that can be applied outright or integrated within any healing modality such as cranial work, medicine, integral medical work, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, bodywork, movement, somatics, or psychotherapy.

Cost:  $4,000; $2,000 to repeat USD

CE Credits:  120 NCBTMB


Touch of Presence 2-day Course


Essence of Biodynamic Cranial Approach (BCA) for anyone. Highly recommended as a very important foundation and orientation for all Touch of Presence® School for Biodynamic Studies Courses. It is often offered in combination with other courses available to practitioners or non-practitioner alike. This course serves as a brief introduction to the approach and enough experience to get a sense of the transmission and whether you would like to go deeper in the exploration of BCA. There are also 3 and 4-day versions depending on location and whether foreign language translation is required. Attending this course provides the fundamental orientation to all the other courses and allows you entry into the Touch of Presence Retreats (unless specified as a graduate-only retreat).


At its essence, this work is altogether simple and profound. Beginner and advanced. It is inherent to our human capacity for unconditional love and kindness transmitted through embodied touch.


In the circle the beginning and end are one.” ~ Heraclitus


The test of first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time,

and still function.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald

Cost: $400/2-day USD

CE Credits: 16 NCBTMB 



PRACTICE FORUM ~ Touch of Presence® BCA Practice Days
(For students, graduates, and practitioners of BCA.  Minimum pre-requisite: ToP BCA Intro)


This is an ongoing bi-weekly online forum for students, graduates, practitioners, and participants of the current and former biodynamic cranial approaches I have taught. We briefly gather and greet on a Zoom platform, then prepare and settle-in for 40 minutes silent meditation. After meditation there’s 20 minutes of continued practice, engaging with eyes open, allowing and following any impulse for sharing, comments, questions, discussion, or simply continuing, as Adah Sutherland phrased it: ‘in the harmony of productive silence’. This is a unique opportunity to meet and interact with others who are practicing this work all around the world, and to feel the nourishing richness and depth of ‘belonging’ that is shared within our common practice.


Allow the full spectrum of events to be included in your experience rather than mounting resistance to them. By extension, presence also makes us more porous to life’s mystery. When we think of presence in these terms, as an opening to what is, we immediately feel a spaciousness stretching around the word (and world, Giorgia’s additional play on words ;-). It is this capacity for presence that awakens a sense of accountability towards, and authentic engagement with, our relationships, communities, and the natural world… I belong myself to that which I love.
~Toko-pa Turner


No fee.
To get directions for how to join click here.


Craniosacral Anatomy

Distinction within the Functional Whole


Open to anyone curious about their body. Recommended foundation class for any CST and of great value to other modalities. Suggested pre-requisite for Brain Anatomy ~ The Matter of Mind.


An introduction and overview of foundation anatomy, structure, function, and energetics of the craniosacral system. Open to anyone from any school. This class benefits cs students and practitioners of all levels as well as those from other touch and movement modalities. The teaching approach and atmosphere supports a variety of levels of background and learning styles. Whether you are just beginning your exploration of cranial anatomy, are seasoned practitioners, or anywhere in between, you will discover something of value in the transmission field of how this course is presented. Emphasis is on the “parts” related to a functional whole.


Topics include and are not limited to embryogenesis, formation of midline and early development, principal bones, muscles and ligaments of the cs system, origins of bones, ossification centers, sutures, joints and craniometric points, reciprocal tension membrane, cerebral spinal fluid production and circulation, venous sinus flow, intro and overview of CNS, brain function and cranial nerves.


Cost: $525/3-day USD: $350/2-day USD

CE Credits: 24/16 NCBTMB


Brain Anatomy

The Matter of Mind


(Craniosacral Anatomy & Craniosacral experience highly recommended, or teacher approval)

The brain, being a fluid~chemical~hormonal~electrical field with inherent motility, requires contact from a quality of presence and touch that is in tonal resonance with it. This class provides the practitioner greater confidence working with brain related issues. It covers basic anatomy, structure, and function of the brain as well as the disposition required to approach it. “Dis-ease” states are addressed and related to as part of a functional whole.


Open to experienced practitioners and students of craniosacral and other allied health modalities wishing to better understand the brain and deepen their sensing skill. Approached primarily from biodynamic principles emphasizing practitioner development, quality of presence, and attuned touch rather than a series of techniques designed to “do something” to the brain.


Cost: $695/4-day; $350/2-day USD

CE Credits:  32/16 NCBTMB



Spirit & Essence


The structures found in us as adults are present, in miniature, by the eighth week of gestation. Prior to that, amazing transmutative forces are at play. Differentiation, all the seemingly “separate parts,” take shape and form as a continuum of unified functional wholeness arising from a core space called the primitive streak. There will be daily hands-on work exchanges. Emphasis is on present-awareness and direct embodied perception and understanding of the creative forces at play.


Open to anyone interested in the subject or who is curious about understanding and orienting to why it might make “scientific” sense when we talk about ‘Wholeness as Health.’ This subject is particularly applicable to biodynamic approaches. Prior anatomical knowledge is helpful, though is not required. This is a unique foundational territory and the ground from which various other studies can be based. The implications of what you discover here has the potential to expand your understanding and capacity as a practitioner of just about any modality.


Forces of growth and development are the same as the forces of healing, adaptability, learning, and change.

~Bonnie Gintis, Osteopath and Continuum Movement Teacher

Author of "Engaging the Movement of Life".


Cost: $525/3-day; $350/2-day USD

CE Credits: 24/16 NCBTMB



Portals of Wholeness


"A fulcrum doesn't do anything itself; it creates possibilities."

~Fritz Smith, M.D., D.O.


This course focuses on the depths and dimensions of Fulcrum. We will explore the spirit, matter, and essence of fulcrum beyond its classical description. Through the combination of lecture, experiential exercises, hands-on work, and discussion, we'll take a multi-faceted view of the manifold and even fractal nature of fulcrums. This supports the understanding and integration of Wholeness as Health, and its implication for any practice modality, as well as in everyday life.


At the heart of every fulcrum, there is love.” ~Giorgia G Milne


Cost: $525/3-day; $350/2-day USD

CE Credits:  24/16 NCBTMB



Fulcrum of Being


You are your most you at the moment of conception. Everything after that is a differentiation.

~Erich Blechschmidt, M.D. Embryologist

Embryogenesis and the concept of fulcrums are inherent to one another. Experientially understanding their essence individually and together offers a doorway into the spirit~matter of existence, and the non-separate nature of Being-ness. Directly sensing the power and creative force at the heart of every fulcrum, and of embryogenesis itself, is to be at the transmutative edge of development and evolution. The resulting paradigm shift in our perceptual capacity, disposition, and outlook in turn leads to a more harmonious way of living and being, where we abide as our authentic selves with each other and the world around us.


The fulcrum of the whole is the Whole.” ~James Jealous, DO


This embodied and integrated paradigm shift, when applied through touch, regardless of the modality, opens the portal to Health as Wholeness. These principles then apply to everyday life.


"A paradigm shift occurred in the Osteopathic profession when Sutherland asked Osteopaths to consider that the power for functioning is at or in the fulcrum, and not at the ends of the lever." ~Bonnie Gintis, DO


In the process of alchemy or transmutation, the original form returns to its origin - its fundamental parts - and then reconstitutes or re-forms into a higher form. It becomes something of a higher order.

One has to see that in any process of paradigm change, arguments and controversy are inevitable. You can't change the paradigm without people seeing how the argument is played out.



Join us in this exploration of our creative origin, and rest in its inherent health and wellbeing.


Cost: $525/3-day; $350/2-day USD

CE Credits:  24/16 NCBTMB



Fluids and Space

Explorations Between and Beyond


"It is the not-yet in the now.
The taste of a fruit that does not yet exist hanging the blossom on the bough.
~Laurens van der Post


The focus of our exploration is this 'not-yet in the now.' Sensing into the space within and what moves between; the 'fruit that does not yet exist,' and its potency of becoming.


Fluids are everywhere – on earth, in the air, in the cosmos, and they dwell in every space of our bodies. At the beginning we are completely fluid and fluids play important roles throughout all our life.


Our bodies are primarily composed of fluids...and space.

Our core midline develops from an embryonic space called the primitive streak, which is the organizing principle for early embryogenesis.
The ventricles in our brains are space filled with cerebrospinal fluid.
Inside the chambers of the heart and even the sinoatrial node is space.
Physicists tell us that every atom is 99.9% space.


From this kind of view, fluids dwell in space and space dwells in fluids.

Fluids travel within the formed space of vessels, dwell in the open space between the cells and suffuse every single cell. Some fluids in the body are able to change their consistency in a second, from fluid to gel – and back. Without vivid fluids there would be no life.

Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, the founder of Osteopathy, was very aware of the importance of the fluids. He talked much about the "irrigation systems" of the arteries, veins, lymphatics and cerebrospinal fluid, how they are connected among each other and their relation to the Health.

Current scientists support this view on fluids and space. Fluids in a (closed) space - such as a body - behave as a unit. They move in rhythms, have self-oscillation and are sensitive. Fluids can react on different influences like temperature, light, tone, or chemical and mechanical force, and carry substances and information through space.

This course is an introductory overview of the fluids that dwell in the spaces of the body, the space within the fluids and the tissues, and their inseparable relation to each other and the creative forces of life. Our main focus in this course is to experientially explore 'Fluids and Space' and the disposition required to sense and perceive the subtle ebb/flow/rest interface. To explore the beyond from within.

The approach to the touch sessions will be from the disposition of Touch of Presence ® - Biodynamic Cranial Approach, which orients to Wholeness as Health. In other words, this course is not conducted in a medical symptom/diagnosis/treatment paradigm. There will be much to discover that can inform any approach or practice, as well as enhance one’s inner development and perceptual capacities.


Cost: $525/3-day; $350/2-day USD

CE Credits:  24/16 NCBTMB



Navigation Skills

Presence and Resonance of Verbal Touch


How you navigate your inner territory reveals how you relate to yourself, others, and the world. Awareness deepens as you relax into direct sensing. Embodied presence then accesses all your unique gifts and skills in service of what’s needed.


This 2-day experiential course will introduce you to practices that land you in direct body-sense-awareness, which guides the quality, tone, and tempo of touch.


We will explore approaches for energetic, manual and verbal communication, and learn ways to reflect, mirror, ask questions, and give feedback that uncovers and deepens understanding. Open to anyone; integrates into any modality.


Cost: $525/3-day; $350/2-day USD

CE Credits: 24/16 NCBTMB

Stillness and Waves

In Collaborative Embrace
with Linda Chrisman (Continuum) and Giorgia Milne

(For anyone)


Combining the essence of stillness and movement practices, this weekend workshop is an open-ended exploration into the loving and inseparable embrace of dynamism and stillness. We will silently sit, breathe, sound, move, sense, and open to our evolving depths supported by the in-the-moment alchemy of our collective presence.


Join us for this collaborative, explorative, illuminating experience. Open to anyone; integrates into any modality.

Cost: $375/2-day USD


Click here to see information about continuing education credits - in various countries - that may be awarded for completion of courses taught by Giorgia Milne.


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