Giorgia Milne’s approach to wellbeing evolved from a complementary blend of allopathic skills, meditation, healing energy work, and life experience. Her primary modality: Biodynamic Cranial Touch, with its understanding of embodied evolution of consciousness, is the truest to her own Touch of Presence® experience. As practitioner and teacher, she offers private sessions and classes in Berkeley, CA.


She teaches internationally, currently working in Europe, Australia, Taiwan, and the U.S. Engaging students with her own expertise and passion for the work, she senses the atmosphere of the class field, and teaches from what arises within the present moment. Her curriculum includes: BCT Initiatory Course, BCT Mentor Course, Craniosacral Anatomy, Embryology, Brain, Navigation Skills, and Fulcrum of Being. Her newest course offering is Fluids and Space.

Giorgia was first certified as a Physician Assistant after graduation from the Stanford University Primary Care Associate Program in 1990. She continues to maintain her PA license, holds membership in various professional Academies and Associations, and is affiliated with numerous teaching institutions internationally. Her professional allopathic healthcare work spans 1982 – 1999, when she began apprenticing in the holistic work that she would ultimately claim as her right path.


She has studied with many of the innovative developers in this bodymindspirit field and has been certified in Biodynamic Cranial Touch/Stillness Touch. She continues to pursue her own studies and to expand her course offerings. An Approved Provider for the National Certifying Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (USA) (NCBTMB #451756-11), all of Giorgia’s courses offer continuing education credits. See individual course descriptions for details.


More recently other global professional organizations have also approved her courses for continuing education credits. These comprise: Foreningen af Kranio Sakral- og Kropsterapeuter (Danmark) and Craniosacral Verband (Deutschland).  Click to see their websites for details.


Please click here for a copy of Giorgia's  CV.

The soul is partly in eternity and partly in time.
Love straddles these two dimensions, opening a way to live in both simultaneously.

— Marcellus Ficino