Touch of Presence ® is the inspired name that came to Giorgia Milne in a meditation and was claimed as a web domain in January 2009. “Touch of Presence” reflects the essence of her work. Within its umbrella, she offers biodynamically-oriented experiential approaches of learning about the human bodymindspirit and its innate capacity for healing, regeneration, whole health, and consciousness.


Her primary orientation has been Biodynamic Cranial Practice. Upon meeting Charles Ridley of the Dynamic Stillness School in 1999, she immediately felt an affinity for this unique, non-doing, non-medical approach, which has been the most resonant with her own understanding. Since 2000 Giorgia had offered numerous international classes through the Milne Institute. In 2008 she taught her first Biodynamic Cranial Touch course. From 2014 until early 2021 she was the principal teacher and Director of the Dynamic Stillness School.


To support international travel while teaching Biodynamic Cranial Touch courses, she designed and delivered what she calls Body as Consciousness courses, as a way of presenting relevant information in integrity with stillness practices. When we use practices to land our sensing presence awareness in the body, that body as consciousness provides valuable perceptual capacity.


Wholeness as Health is one of the main guiding principles of her work. It comes from a biodynamic perspective informed by the late great Embryologist Erich Blechschmidt. There really is no separation. We are always, and in all ways, a complete functional whole. The forces that create us, also maintain us, and continue to influence our growth, development, and evolution. Viewing through the eyes of wholeness will shift your perspective, and open potent portals for health and wellbeing.

"Everything in some way connects to everything else."
 ~ Leonardo DaVinci