Touch of Presence and Dynamic Stillness 
This is our most current update on October 7, 2020.
During this difficult time of Covid, we continue to consult with our local students and organizers to determine current travel restrictions and safety precautions. Those realities help us decide which courses can be safely held and which need to be canceled or rescheduled.
Please stay safe!

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BCT/Stillness Touch INITIATORY Courses

(Provides the prerequisite orientation and preparation to join the next Mentor Course)

More on BCT/Stillness Touch at:

październik 15-18, 2020 (Kurs 4-dniowy z tłumaczeniem na polski) 

October 15-18, 2020 (4-day, English with Polish translation)

ulica Śniadeckich 17

00-654 Warszawa, Polska

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Osoba do kontaktu w Polsce: Anna Falkiewicz  +48 509 139109

February 4-7, 2021 (4 Tage, Englisch mit deutscher Übersetzung)

Schule für Shiatsu

Oelkersallee (Hamburg), Germany

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Local contact is: the office/bü  +49 40 430 1885 

March 10-12, 2021

The Centre

(Randwick), Sydney, Australia

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Local contact is: Kath Garth


BCT/Stillness Touch MENTOR Courses

(BCT/Stillness Touch Initiatory Course AND teacher approval required)

When new Mentor Courses open and you are ready to commit to this year-long, 120 hours of study and practice, please follow these 2 steps:

1. Complete and submit the APPLICATION in your preferred language (linked below).

2. If approved, you will receive an email with a REGISTRATION link and instructions for payment.

For the English online Mentor Course Application click here

Wenn neue Mentor Kurse verfügbar sind und du bereit bist, dich für dieses einjährige 120 stündige Studium und Praxis zu verpflichten, folge bitte diesen 2 Schritten:


1) Fülle die BEWERBUNG aus und sende sie in deiner bevorzugten Sprache (siehe Link weiter unten).

2) Nach der Zustimmung wirst du eine E-Mail mit einem REGISTRIERUNGSLINK und einer Anleitung zur Zahlung erhalten.

Für die Deutsche Online Mentor Kurs Bewerbung klicke bitte hier

APPLICATION NOW OPEN for New Mentor Courses

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Hamburg, Germany (4x4-day) (English with German translation)

Yoga im Hof

Weeks: #1 February 11-14, 2021; #2 June 10-13; 2021; #3 Oktober 7-10, 2021;

#4 February ~ TBA

Local contact is: Dorothee Knief

After your application, acceptance, and registration, click here, to see payment options.

Sydney, Australia (3x 5-day)

The Centre

Weeks: #1 March 13-17, 2021; #2 August 21-25, 2021; #3 TBA

Local contact is: Kath Garth

After your application, acceptance, and registration, click here to see payment options.

Gainesville, Florida, USA (4x 4-day)

Weeks: #1 April 15-18, 2021 - TENTATIVE; #2 -4 - TBA 2021-2022

Giorgia continues to be in touch with this group to sort out dates and future options.

Local contact is: Mary Reis

After your application, acceptance, and registration, click here to see payment options.



(For graduates of BCT/Stillness Touch Mentor Courses and Mentor Private Intensives)

Serves as recertification, retaining/regaining BCT Practitioner status, and remaining current with the community and evolution of the work.


The Gathering of Graduates is the SOLE GRADUATE-ONLY FIELD for BCT/Stillness Touch, which provides a unique opportunity for deeper immersion with like-hearted colleagues.

Contact for Graduate Gatherings: Giorgia Milne +1 831 915 5663

(None scheduled at this time)

If you are unable to attend a GG, the following are alternative options:

  • Repeat an Initiatory Course or Mentor Course anywhere with Giorgia

  • Attend/repeat a Stillness Touch Course with Giorgia or Charles

  • Attend/repeat an Advanced Post Graduate Course with Charles

  • Private Intensive with Giorgia or Charles – schedules permitting

  • Attending an already scheduled course is highly recommended, and likely to be more available


BCT STILLNESS TOUCH Course ~ Practices & Touch

(Essence of BCT for anyone)

November 4-5, 2020

Highly recommended prerequisite to Embryology Nov 6-8, 2020

Weg der Mitte

Berlin, Germany

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Local contact is: Sonja Kloewer +49 30 813 1040

January 27-28, 2021

Highly recommended prerequisite to Embryology January 29-31, 2021

Weg der Mitte

Berlin, Germany

Click here to register and pay

Local contact is: Sonja Kloewer +49 30 813 1040


Stillness Practice Days

(For students, graduates and practitioners of BCT/Stillness Touch)
Pre-requisite: BCT Initiatory or Stillness Touch course from a *Stillness Touch* certified instructor.


For the indefinite future, Giorgia is offering two global meetings per week.

More dates may be offered later. Please check back on this page for timely updates.


SATURDAYS 1 pm/13:00 Pacific Time

August 29 ~ September 5, 12, 19, 26 ~ October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 ~

November 7, 14, 21, 28 ~ December 5, 12, 19, 26

SUNDAYS Australian, New Zealand, and Taiwan Time

August 30 ~ September 6, 13, 20, 27 ~ October 4, 11, 18, 25 ~

November  1, 8, 15, 22, 29 ~ December 6, 13, 20, 27

WEDNESDAYS 10 pm/22:00 Pacific Time

September 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 ~ October 7, 14, 21, 28 ~

November 4, 11, 18, 25 ~ December 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

THURSDAYS  European, Australian, New Zealand, and Taiwan Time

September 3, 10, 17, 24 ~ October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 ~

November 5, 12, 19, 26 ~ December 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

* Find your equivalent time zone and date here


This is the Join Zoom Meeting link to use on the scheduled time and date for your time zone:

Meeting ID: 597 518 6531

Password: stillness (as needed)


Click here for Zoom Meeting Directions and calling in by phone (audio only).


REGULAR SCHEDULE OF 2020 DATES: Zoom portion only for now and also in person when it is once again safe to gather in this way.

These Saturday Zoom meetings occur at 1 PM/13:00 Pacific Time

January 18, March 28, May 30, July 25, September 26, November 21


When in-person gatherings resume, they will take place at:

Ashtanga Yoga Berkeley

933 Parker St., #38, Bay 5

Berkeley, CA 94710

Contact: Giorgia Milne, +1-831-915-5663  

*Please email Giorgia to let her know if you will attend in Berkeley.*


Post-Biodynamic Courses with Charles Ridley

Charles Ridley is offering various European courses in 2021.

His new book is Stillness Touch ~ Union of Body and Love

Click here to check his website for emerging news



(Uniquely informative and experiential)

Craniosacral Anatomy ~ Distinction within the Functional Whole

(For anyone. Recommended foundation class for any CST and of great value for other modalities. Suggested pre-requisite for Brain)


None scheduled at this time


Brain ~  The Matter of Mind

(CS Anatomy and CS experience recommended or teacher approval)

None scheduled at this time


Embryology ~ Spirit & Essence

(For anyone)

November 6-8, 2020 (rescheduled from February 2020)

Follows StillnessTouch November 4-5, which is a highly recommended prerequisite to this course

Weg der Mitte

Berlin, Germany

Click here to register and pay

Local contact is: Sonja Kloewer +49 30 813 1040

January 29-31, 2021

Follows StillnessTouch January 27-28, which is a highly recommended prerequisite to this course

Weg der Mitte

Berlin, Germany

Click here to register and pay

Local contact is: Sonja Kloewer +49 30 813 1040


August 19-20, 2021

In collaboration with the Craniosacral Academy of Australia

The Centre

(Randwick), Sydney, Australia

Click here to register/pay directly to Giorgia Milne for this course

Local contact is: Kath Garth


Fulcrums ~ Portals of Wholeness

At the Heart of every fulcrum, there is Love

(For anyone)


None scheduled at this time

Fulcrum of Being

“You are your most you at the moment of conception.”

Erich Blechschmidt, M.D. Embryologist

(For anyone)

None scheduled at this time


Fluids and Space ~ Explorations Between and Beyond

October 29 – November 1, 2020

Schule für Shiatsu

Oelkersallee (Hamburg), Germany

Click here to register and pay

Local contact is: the office/büro,  +49 40 430 1885 


Navigation Skills ~ Presence and Tonality of “Verbal Touch”

(For bodywork & somatic students and therapists)

None scheduled at this time


Stillness and Waves ~ In Collaborative Embrace
with Linda Chrisman (Continuum) and Giorgia Milne

(Open to anyone)

None scheduled at this time


Linda Chrisman,  +1-510-507-2903