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Giorgia is so unbelievably able to meet groups where they are, layer the teaching with wisdom and care, and move us from the valley to the mountain top all in three days. It’s a gratifying process in which I’m supported to reach the competency that is available to me in each moment. Integrate the disposition in my daily life. ~ Helen


The hands-on exercises and feedback sessions are invaluable in what I learned about the technique and where I can grow. ~ BW


Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I believe it is the only way this world will survive. Pockets of presence radiating out into the existing realm. ~ Sue

If you want to dive ever deeper into life’s mystery, then this is for you. You don't have to be all monastic to go to these depths. ~ RM

I knew I needed a switch to be turned on somewhere. I learned the most to trust, not to fix or direct. To allow it to flow as it should. There is a subtleness that makes it easy and hard for me, but I loved everything about it. ~ Pat

Amazing experience in every respect. Thank you! Giorgia’s teaching skills are the best I've ever encountered. ~ Carol

My expectations were met above and beyond. I've never taken a class that was so intentional about the practitioner’s needs and how the practitioner’s body, mind, soul, and spirit come before the client. ~ KW

I feel this was a blessed initiation and opportunity to feel. How I'm feeling. The container was held so nicely/skillfully with grace and humanity together. Shifting my focus beyond my tension, letting the tension be a dot in the toroid instead of the focal point. “Fulcrum”. Letting the fulcrum be beyond the so-called problem allows so much more to come in. ~ Sarah

I learned the most from the weave of visuals, practice, descriptions, invitations, spirit of learning and possibility. ~ Ashley

Toroidal sphere! And the Starship space at the center of our brains! Space. Space. Plus more space! ~ MB

Giorgia demonstrated how the ventricles are created from space much like the embryological connection to how our primitive streak is a space. Biodynamic Cranial Approach is a pathway to living all aspects of life in pure presence. ~ Kelly

My set-point has shifted to something I had somehow sensed but didn't know how to touch. My life will be changed from this point forward. ~ AP

My biggest challenge has been to get out of my own way with expectations of how I should be experiencing this work. Sitting still/monkey mind were also challenges. As well as self love. ~ HS

I overcame my fear, let go of baggage, and spoke before the group as wonderful me. No hiding. I am more whole and happy to share the real me that is here today! ~ Tracy

I learned the most from stillness and the ongoing deconstruction of the self. My biggest challenges in this course were repeatedly shattering and not knowing what new form or self would emerge. BS

Showed me, or opened the door, to my center. How to remain in my own field while the breath does all the work. Yes, I would recommend this course. It will rock you to your core. SA

I resonated with the practice more than I expected – a conversation with the mystical. ~ Nina 

I learned the most from: “Just keep feeling what it feels like to be feeling what you are feeling.” Biggest challenges: “In order to love who you are, you can't hate the experiences that have shaped you.” ~ JB

I am still in awe that the weekend was about taking good care of myself.

I have heard the term self-care and have never resonated with it until this precious weekend. I practiced guilt free self-care and loved every second of the training. I can't believe there is a course like this. Now I understand "paradigm shift" for the first time. ~ VR

This course transcended my expectations. Nothing I could have been expecting would adequately reflect the reality I experienced. I would say this course is pivotal for any LMT. ~ CR

Dropping into my body and allowing those thoughts, feelings, and emotions to be there, instead of scolding them or running them off, is a game changer for me. When I get out of the way, drop my ego, and this fixation on “fixing” is when this work works both me and my client. ~ MC


The deepening of the work and embodied understanding continues to grow. I love the combination of images, discussion, experientials, and hands-on work. I'm forever grateful for this practice to the lineage holders and the teachers that continue to pass on this treasure of love thank you.~ NR

When I have studied with Georgia previously, it has seemed like participating in a sacred ceremony. Ceremony is for remembering and then remembering to remember. The end of ceremony is remembering to remember so we go out and begin again. ~ Kim


The pace of presentation allows for the time it takes to discover... the time to be in the soup/chaos/the not knowing. ~ MD

I felt like it brought a lot more information to be able to identify what I have been sensing in the work and in relation to my own life. ~ Stacy

Expectations met: Yes, my system is in a deep reorganization. ~ SC

It's very orienting to the organizing principles of life and I felt deeply embodied and given a compass that I will use for the foundations of the rest of my work. ~ CC


All the teaching materials came together in such subtle yes and direct yes and intense ways. Thank you! For all the energy and love and intention and care that goes into the transmission! ~ MD

Yes, the teaching materials helped. I think all were engaging, and for me the dynamic oral tradition is really what makes the courses with you special. ~ Virginia

Every class Giorgia teaches is its own brilliant creation – as much influenced by her vast store of information, knowledge, and wisdom as it is by the energies and questions and cross pollination of the individuals that make up the class body. Each class there are powerful insights, revelations, and it feels like both an unveiling of mysteries and a confirmation of my own inner knowing. She is an invaluable guide, mentor, and teacher. I would take any class offered by her, anywhere. ~ NR

What I learned about the developmental movements in kinetic movements and can relate to how my healing has gone on in me. It's movement then it's formed and it is closing in as the injury is healing towards center. ~ BH

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