Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness

Charles Ridley's STILLNESS was first published in English in 2006. Its subtitle offered a glimpse into the nature of what would prove to be an alive, ever-evolving practice.

North Atlantic Books (2006 ) ISBN 978-1-55643-592-8

Ridley offered his STILLNESS book: "For the Momma" and included the quote displayed below, on this webpage, from Rabindranath Tagore on the opening book page dedication.


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Français (2013) Sully ISBN 978-2-35432-099-7

Translated by Olivier Fourteau, D.O.

Czech (2016) MAITREA ISBN 978-80-7500-226-6

Translated by Preložila Klára Meissnerová

Introducing the Italian language STILLNESS including additional chapters - foreword written by Giorgia Milne.

In this long-awaited extended version of STILLNESS ~ Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness, Charles Ridley brilliantly expands upon, and further articulates the depths, dimensions, and potential of this alive and ever-evolving practice. With it he reveals a steadfast honoring and clear representation of the original transmission of his teachers, as well as revealing how this work also has behind it, the essence of other wisdom traditions.

Na.Me. Centro Studi Dicipline Naturali (2018)

ISBN 978-89-42030-1-1  

Translated by Annalisa Martini & Beatrice Aricò

Diese deutsche Erstausgabe ist eine aktualisierte und stark erweiterte Ausgabe des englischen Originals Stillness von 2006. Zusätzliche Kapitel mit den neuesten Erkenntnissen und aktuellen Erfahrungen aus lebendiger biodynamischer Praxis, sowie ein einzigartiges sehr umfangreiches craniosacrales Glossar machen „Präsent in der Stille“ zu einem echten Highlight für Craniosacral Practitioner, andere Körperarbeiter und alle an Stille und Heilung interessierten Menschen.

Taschenbuch – 2. Mai 2019

Union of Body & Love

This experiential sequel to Stillness combines ancient spiritual practices with Dr. William G. Sutherland, DO's inspired Stillness Touch to reunite the body with love. Through in-depth meditations, touch practices, and detailed study guides, Charles Ridley guides the reader through an unchartered journey in the evolution of consciousness. This comprehensive guidebook explores both ancient and modern practices along with our core inner challenges and unconscious recoils in the reuniting of love with the heart through touch.

Published by Dynamic Stillness Press

Released on September 30, 2020

ISBN-10: 1735624403

ISBN-13: 978-1735624402

When in the morning I looked upon the light I felt in a moment that I was no stranger in this world,

that the inscrutable without name and form had taken me in its arms in the form of my own mother.

-Rabindranath Tagore