The Dynamic Stillness Approach to Biodynamic Cranial Touch


The Dynamic Stillness School, founded by Charles Ridley, offers a non-medical, non-doing biodynamic approach to touch that is free of mechanical/functional overlay. Giorgia Milne was involved with, and in attendance of, the initial presentations of the work at Milne Institute teacher meetings, as well as a participant in Ridley's 2001 pilot class. She has been a principal teacher with the school offering classes internationally since 2008.


The trainings primarily support the inner development of the practitioner to directly connect to the Breath of Life.  Practically speaking, this frees your attention from its efferent orientation to an inner one to naturally flow with and serve the Breath of Life. 

The approach is non-medical, which means sessions are not referenced to a symptom-diagnosis-treatment paradigm, or 'doing to' a client in any way.  We are dedicated to support practitioner direct inner-body contact with the ascending currents of fluid tide and long tide, and descending currents of Pure Breath of Love.


A certified practitioner of Biodynamic Cranial Touch/Stillness Touch is trained to let the motion of primary respiration direct the sequence of the session. For the practitioner this means resting in oneself with freed attention, and thus not tracking inside the client for inertial motion patterns, and especially not naming the processes during the session. Our practitioners apply no techniques, or outside forces of any kind to cranial lesions, body tissues, or tides.


For more in-depth information about BCT/Stillness Touch and the Dynamic Stillness School, go to
www.dynamicstillness.com, practitioner page.

Click here for Chart and Synopsis of Biodynamics by Charles Ridley

Work is love made visible.
– Gibran